Water is one of our most precious resources, and so it is important that we prevent water wastage, overloading of sewage pipes, and ensure that our geysers do not burst.

This can easily be done with the expertise of our team of in-house professional plumbers and water inspectors. If you are selling your home, then you are required by law to have the certificate of compliance of water installation on the transfer of ownership in accordance with the water by-law section 14(2) and SANS 10252 and SANS 10254.

Techno Compliance will provide you with a report for any fixes needed, and will assist you to fix any issues and to ensure your plumbing is safe and secure.

Techno Compliance follows a simple seven-step process to ensure this certificate is achievable:

  • The hot water cylinder complies with SANS 10252 and 10254
  • The water meter registers use
  • There are no leaks on your property
  • Water pipes and terminal fittings are stable
  • No stormwater is being discharged into the sewer system
  • No cross-connection between greywater or groundwater and the potable supply
  • A private isolating valve is in place, and a stop tap is installed on the water meter

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Calculate your property inspection fees and receive peace of mind. Our industry-leading property compliance solutions are convenient, affordable and infallible, ensuring your home’s electrical, water, electric fence and gas infrastructure are compliant, and that your beetle certificate is in accordance with your offer to purchase.

Terms and Conditions

Inspection costs are for our team of relevant specialists to visit your premises, conduct a full investigation, and provide a comprehensive, detailed report detailing all necessary remedial actions required. For this reason, your inspection fee will be due and payable whether Techno Compliance conducts the remedial work, or your own choice of contractor. Please note that should Techno Compliance conduct the remedial work, the Certificate of Compliance will be issued at no additional cost.

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An Immediate Settlement amount is paid prior or on the day of the inspection via EFT or cash.

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If you wish to be quoted on account, the invoice will be forwarded to the transferring attorney for settlement on the day of transfer.

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