Electrical Fence Inspections

Having an electric fence is an effective way to keep your home, and loved ones, safe and secure.

You are required to meet the electrified fencing regulations (SANS 60335-2-76 - South Africa) if you are planning to sell your property, to prove to the new owners that the fencing is safe and compliant.

Your electric fence is your first barrier of protection, and with Techno Compliance, you can ensure it will stay safe for years to come.

Techno Compliance’s team of qualified experts looks for the following during an inspection:

  • The minimum wall-height must be 1.5 metres
  • Upright brackets used
  • Angled brackets used at no more than 45 degrees on the inside of the boundary wall
  • No brackets angled into neighbour’s yard without consent
  • The electrical fence must not be used to harm persons or animals
  • Barbed wire to be electrified by an energiser
  • Yellow warning signs are installed
  • Electric gates open without shocking users

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An electric fence inspection can help to add value to your property, and so can our water, gas, beetle and electrical inspections.

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If you wish to be quoted on account, the invoice will be forwarded to the transferring attorney for settlement on the day of transfer.

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