Beetle Inspections

A wood borer beetle is no small issue and is something which needs to be fixed quickly and effectively before further damage is done.

The beetle inspection is performed visually, allowing the Techno Compliance professionals to see if any of the accessible portions of your property have active infestations. This way, we are able to provide you with relevant information so that you can implement an effective solution.

There are three different types of wood borer beetle that we inspect for, namely the Anobium Punctatium (commonly known as furniture beetle) which is found predominantly in wooden flooring, and the Hylotrupes Bajules and the Oxyplerus Nodier, which are found in roof trusses, fascia boards and wendy houses.

Qualified borer beetle inspectors are a rare and valuable find. Fortunately, at Techno Compliance we have several qualified inspectors in-house.

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