Welcome to The Techno Group Blog.

The Techno Group, based in Durbanville, is a specialised provider of a range of Quality Project Services in and around the Cape Town area. Our Professional Services include:

  • Audio Video Equipment Supply & Installations:
    Multichoice Approved DStv installations.
    Intercom & Access Control Systems Installations.
    CCTV systems Installation.
    Professional Home Theatre Systems Installations.
    HDMI Network and Computer Network Installations.
    Multi Room Audio Systems (Sonos) Installations.
  • Lighting Consultation:
  • Standby Power:
    Generator and Inverter Installations.
  • Energy Saving:
    Solar Water Heating and Heat Pump Installations.
  • Qualified Electricians:


Why you should use a Qualified Electrician.

Why you should only use a Qualified Electrician. Let’s immediately get the ugly truths out of the way… Electricity is potentially dangerous. It can kill…..either directly through electric shock or indirectly through fires that can be caused by electrical faults. These fires also result in the loss of property. Electricity demands respect. Electricity has become …